Software Overview

Whatever the level of incident that you are investigating, TOP-SET Governors can provide a software package to assist you. The software is a fantastic tool to complement the knowledge and skills learned on a Kelvin TOP-SET incident investigation course.

Type/severity of incident Software package
Low potential/Low risk Blackbox
Medium Investigator 3
Major Investigator 3

Investigator 3

Investigator 3Investigator 3 truly is the ultimate tool for the efficient and effective investigation of medium to high potential incidents. Use the powerful Investigator 3 software to plan and run your incident investigations seamlessly from the creation of the initial incident statement right up to the production of a standardised report including SMART actions and recommendations.


BlackboxThere has never been a simpler, more effective tool for investigating 95% of all incidents. Blackbox is designed to speed up and standardise investigations into low potential / low risk incidents and near misses.

Use the intuitive Blackbox software to easily investigate low potential incidents such as slips trips and falls and quickly produce consistent standardised reports.

The software helps users to gather basic investigation information, create investigation diagrams, select Generic Causes and generate SMART actions before automatically compiling the incident report - all in under an hour!

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