Course Dates & Booking

1-Day Investigator course

The 1-Day Investigator course is specifically designed for managers, supervisors and safety representatives who are required to take part in incident investigations but not necessarily required to lead the investigation team. The course introduces delegates to the Kelvin TOP-SET incident investigation system and teaches participants the specific steps of investigating an incident using the TOP-SET process. A variety of short case studies and worked examples are used to stimulate discussion and reinforce the concepts being taught.

3-Day Investigator course

The Kelvin TOP-SET 3-Day Senior Investigator course is designed for professionals and managers who may be required to lead an incident investigation team. This is an intensive course that teaches attendees the ideas underpinning the TOP-SET methodology, and the specific steps of the process of investigating an incident using TOP-SET. The course covers every aspect of investigating an incident including creation of the investigation team, formulation of the incident statement, planning of the investigation, gathering and storage of data, interviewing techniques, Storyboarding, Root Cause Analysis and creation of standardised reports and SMART actions.

Tutor Development

If you are an experienced investigator and would like to learn more about the TOP-SET system in order to teach these world-leading incident investigation techniques and skills to your colleagues then the Tutor Development Courses will be of interest to you.

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