Five Factors to Building an Effective Investigation Team

Do you put much thought into who should be on your incident investigation team? Is there ever much choice anyway? Does it really matter? Well, in a word, yes. The success of an investigation depends on the effectiveness of the team. You need the right people for the job of investigation, just as you need the right people for the job of building a house. Each person will have his or her unique purpose and perspective in making the whole process work and getting good results.


Kick Start your Investigation

An accident has been reported. You need to find out what happened and get those answers quickly. But where do you start?

Before jumping straight into an investigation, or even Root Cause Analysis (RCA), it is critical to have a solid starting point that will guide you through and make it work. This first step is called the initial incident statement. It gives you exactly the right elements you need to be investigated. Getting it right at the beginning will save you time in the end by making sure you get to the true root causes.


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