To recommend or not!

The recent fire in the Grenfell tower block was a dreadful incident, with many issues requiring the scrutiny of the investigators. 

The most significant ‘accusation’ levelled at the authorities, was their apparent disregard of the many warnings they received prior to the incident, particularly from residents’ associations.


New Courses at Kelvin TOP-SET

We at Kelvin TOP-SET are always seeking to improve and expand the suite of courses on offer to the world.  Two recent additions are our Root Cause Analysis (RCA) course and our Refresher course.  To remove any misunderstanding, the former is what we call ‘Pure RCA’ as developed exclusively by Kelvin TOP-SET over the past ten years.  This is not to be confused with the entire process of Investigation:  Root Cause Analysis is an investigator’s ‘tool’, albeit a powerful one, which enhances considerably the output of any investigation. 


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