Why Use TOP-SET?

Learn about the benefits of using the Kelvin TOP-SET incident investigation system by listening to what our tutors have to say.

Why Use TOP-SET?

The TOP-SET system helps users to investigate incidents thoroughly and to solve complex problems by following a simple step-by-step process. Users of the TOP-SET system gain confidence in their own investigative skills and become fully enabled to plan and conduct investigations, collect incident data in a methodical fashion and uncover the real root causes of any incident. The TOP-SET system works!


The Kelvin TOP-SET system is a straightforward and user-friendly incident investigation system which is suitable for use in the investigation of all levels and types of incidents – from minor, non-lost-time incidents such as slips, trips and falls to major catastrophic incidents such as oil spills and explosions.

The Kelvin TOP-SET system is much more than just Root Cause Analysis; it is a complete incident investigation methodology. Find out more about the Kelvin TOP-SET methodology


With over 30 years experience delivering and rolling out global investigation development programmes, Kelvin TOP-SET is a leading authority in the field of incident investigation. Find out more about the company

Clients, Countries and Sectors

The TOP-SET system is suitable for use in any industry. Used by companies all over the world, TOP-SET is available in multiple languages and is easily transferable across countries and cultures. Our clients come from diverse industries and from organisations of all sizes. Learn more about our clients and the countries and sectors we work in.

Real Results

Discover how our clients are using TOP-SET and the results they have seen. Visit our testimonials section to read case studies detailing client experience of the TOP-SET system and learn how other organisations are benefitting from using this comprehensive incident investigation methodology.

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