1-Day PURE Root Cause Analysis Course

Learn to carry out effective Root Cause Analyses using the Kelvin TOP-SET PURE Root Cause Analysis approach.

Kelvin TOP-SET’s 1-Day PURE Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Why ‘PURE’?

  1. Because it is just RCA, nothing else, not the entire investigation process, not the planning, not the interviews, not the report.
  2. ‘PURE’ because the process has been distilled down to its very essence – like Gin or Vodka!
  3. ‘PURE’ because we have removed all unnecessary complexity - all the clutter, and all the jargon.
  4. We have adopted the KISS principle – Keeping It Simple and Straightforward.

But take care:

(a) Because our rules are simple and easy to understand, that does NOT mean that PURE RCA is only for simple incidents. It is not; it is appropriate for any level of investigation.

(b) The games of Poker and Bridge can be described easily in under a minute, but they are very difficult to play well. Anyone who is good at these card games has had much practice over many years to get to that position. Because the rules of the game are simple and easy to understand, that does not make playing easy. So it is with our rules for PURE RCA; they are simple, but deliberately so, to assist you in carrying out Root Cause Analysis which can be difficult to do well.

You need good teaching and much practice, to be good at ‘PURE’ RCA. And that is what you will get on the Kelvin TOP-SET PURE Root Cause Analysis Course, supported by the PURE RCA Workbook.

Many international companies have adopted our Investigation system, which incorporates Kelvin TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis. This PURE RCA course lasts only one day and is certificated by the CPD Standards Office, UK. All those participating receive a licence to use the Kelvin TOP-SET RCA e-learning half-day module for one month, and if they wish, can obtain a life-time licence thereafter, at preferential rates.

The course is in three parts: Participants learn how to

  1. construct a Kelvin TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis, and how it relates to other major analysis systems used throughout the world;
  2. generate SMART recommendations from the analysis;
  3. deal with the human factors, fundamental to any incident, which include culpability, accountability and responsibility.


  • To provide participants with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Kelvin TOP-SET PURE Root Cause Analysis (RCA) system.
  • To introduce new concepts and techniques in Root Cause Analysis
  • To compare the Kelvin TOP-SET PURE RCA system with other analysis systems
  • To discuss human factors and their impact on all incidents
  • To explore the differences between blame, fault, and responsibility
  • To enable participants to formulate relevant and practical recommendations in the form of SMART actions

Course Description:

Number of Participants:   Up to 20 (price depending on numbers)

Pre-requisite:  None

Course Dates

We can also offer “in-house” courses at a location and on a date of your choice if this is more convenient for your organisation. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this option enquiries@kelvintopset.com.

Learning Outcomes

Participants at the end of the course ought to:

  • appreciate the significance of the human involvement in any incident

Humans are at the heart of all incidents, not technical failures or environmental change

  • be aware of the importance of the Incident Statement, the thinking behind it, and how to write it

The Incident Statement is the key starting point for all Kelvin TOP-SET RCAs

  • be able to construct a Kelvin TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis for any level of incident

The development of a logical analysis is the culmination of a successful investigation

  • know the principles behind the generation of recommendations via SMART actions

Effective SMART actions are a major output of most investigations across the world

  • understand the relationships between culpability, accountability, and responsibility

An understanding of this underpins the formulation of recommendations and learning from incidents.

  • have a thorough understanding of how our analysis system compares with other major analysis systems used throughout the world

This provides a solid base from which to undertake any form of causal analysis

Root Cause Analysis course description download


Kelvin TOP-SET's CPD Accreditation; gain CPD points


If you are considering using an external venue to run an in-house course, we may well be able to help. We have an excellent relationship with a local hotel which offers very reasonable preferential rates to all of our clients for conference rooms and accommodation. The hotel is close to our global headquarters so booking a course here will also give you the chance to meet some of our core team to discuss any issues or address any questions that you may have. The venue is easily reached via Prestwick or Glasgow International airports in under an hour, so is ideal if you need to fly delegates in to the course from multiple locations. Please contact us for further information and rates.

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